Daharan Calendar

As recounted by the Master Scholar Agiten (“the Neverdead”) of the Magister’s Council of Ulrich

While Dahara is known to have had more than one calendar used by Men, Humen and Lowmen alike, the calendar established by the now Broken Empire (may it forever remain so) has grown to become the calendar by which all kingdoms, great and small measure their days. Even the Clanholds of Men, and the bandits of the Free Lands, wild and wooly barbarians all, follow the dates set forth in this calendar.

The Year
The Daharan year is filled with 300 days.

The Months
Two of the months carry 73 days, whilst four months contain 37 days. The months, in chronological order are as follows:

  • Yearbring – 37 Days
  • Lifecall – 73 Days
  • Adagrown – 37 Days
  • Morelea – 37 Days
  • Lifeend – 73 Days
  • Yearfade – 37 Days

The Special Days
Four days mark each solar point (Sunrise, Sunlow, Sunfall and Sunhigh). Two other days mark the beginning of the new year (Godsada) and the midpoint of that year (Hellada).

Daharan calendar

Daharan Calendar

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