Dahara: Fallen Harvest

To The Keep

Eldra massaged her neck as she took a small sip of her tea.

“Now where was I?”

“They were going to go to the Baron’s Keep!” chirped one of the children.

“Oh that’s right. Yes, so Kerrick and Tarik were to set off to visit the Baron’s Magister, Fennel. But Sheriff Rufus requested that all of what had happened be kept quiet for the time. He didn’t want to worry the Baron needlessly.

“But before the pair could set out, Magda, one of the town gossips and a well-respected match-maker found and cornered the young woodsman. Magda had been wondering where the young man had been. Once she learned the details, she began to talk about Dorlee the clothier. Well, not so much about Dorlee, but more about her daughter, Gwen. She was very keen on seeing the two get together.”

“Why?” asked one of the children.

“Why? Well, men and women like to spend time together. Sometimes, if they like it enough, they become married.”

“My mother says that sometimes you get married because you are told to, or because someone wants your land.”

Eldra smiled. "That is also true. But in this case, Magda sought love. She made Kerrick promise that when he returned from his business at the Baron’s Keep that he would meet the lovely Gwen for a dinner. He agreed, though he was quite shy about it.

“So the pair set out. And the road from Terrian’s Stand to the keep of Baron Atregen is a safe one, and our heroes saw that it was. Soon enough, they found themselves in the keep. They made their arrangements to meet with the wizard Fennel, and found a place in the keeps inner court to make their camp.

“While enjoying the ale and food in the open air inn, they met a strange human who went by the name of Falkirk. This heavily bearded man claimed to be a guide, and spoke to the heroes at length about the recent events in Terrian’s Stand, as well as things Falkirk had witnessed. As time wore on, so did the drinking of ale, and the three passed their time into the night.



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