The Right, Honorable Sheriff Rufus Mertsen

The leader and protector of the town of Terrian's Stand


An aged Human in his 50’s, the Right, Honorable Sheriff Rufus Mertsen is a Hu of the blackest hair, with a well-trimmed beard (by any standard). He speaks with authority, yet is a kind and fair man, always reluctant to ask for favors, but never afraid to give orders.

Not only does he lead the peoples of Terrian’s Stand, after being appointed the Right Honorable Sheriff by Baron Grigor Atregen some ten years ago, he also commands the town guard, which consists of just over a score of dedicated soldiers, with thrice that number in conscripts.

Sheriff Rufus is a Hu married to Losley, and between the two of them have brought forth four lovely children. Aleck, Nancy, Regeen, and Rufus Jr.

Though he receives a small stipend of tax payments because of his role as Sheriff, he and his family make their living in the building and sale of wagons in the off-season. During the Season, nearly all of the Mertsen family hires out as hands on the local farms. Sheriff Rufus has made sure to switch farms yearly, so as not to be perceived as exhibiting favoritism.

The Right, Honorable Sheriff Rufus Mertsen

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