Kerrick Greenbolt

Shy young woodsman's son looking to find his place.


“The whole secret of the study of nature lies in learning how to use one’s eyes.” -KG

Race: Humen
Rank: Novice
XP: 3
Age: 16
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 130
Gender: Male
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green

Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6

Common Knowledge d8, Shooting d8, Stealth d6, Notice d6, Survival d8, Tracking d8

Derived Stats
Pace: 6
Charisma: 0
Parry: 2
Toughness: 5(+1)


Phobia – Enclosed Spaces (Major), Cautious (minor), Outsider (minor)

Bow (Damage 2d6; 12/24/48; RoF 1), Hunting Knife (STR+1d4), Hobgoblin Shortsword
Quiver with 30 Arrows, Backpack, Arrow Bundle (50)


Kerrick and his father are trappers/woodsmen who come to town every month or so for supplies and to trade the skins/furs/herbs they collected. No mystery, nothing unusual, just the way it is. The town has watched Kerrick develop into a fine young man, but he is shy, and always seems as if he can’t wait to get back into the woods. He assists his father in business transactions, has a friendly smile, and knows all the clients by their name. Kerrick’s father has been known to sit in on town meetings, and maintain loyalty to the ruling noble family. Kerrick’s father doesn’t seem to have a wife, nor is he interested in one. The gossip around town is that the wife died and he is too heart broken to try again. A couple of the town match makers have eyes on Young Kerrick, and hope to soon assist him in choosing a mate.

Entries from Kerrick’s Journal

The town sheriff has asked me to assist in an investigation. I can’t believe it. Invisible me, helping out with important town stuff. He seems on edge, it must be something big!

It was big all right, big enough to make me mind my steps that much more, can’t let my guard down in all my excitement. Tarik, Taurus, and I have found several circles around the out skirts of town. Each about 10 paces across (30’) and reeking of death. The ground is dry, and all the plants have withered away. The cause seems to be the smooth stone buried in the center of each circle. I KNOW they are magic, but how to I let the others know?

More Circles. A total of five. I have named them. Mystery, Confusion, Denial, Regret, and Discovery. Luckily no one has been hurt, but two farming families seem to be at each others throats about it. The Johnfin’s and Tender’s. Hope neither of them do anything foolish. Both seem very superstitious. A trait that helped us link the stones to a strange lightning storm that occurred a few days prior. We have moved several of the magic stones into a large Lock box in hopes to disrupt what ever foul ritual the magic stones are intended. I have hidden it to the best of my skill.

Dinner conversation with father went well. He encouraged me to help with the town, and has fueled my sense of duty and want to protect others. It caught me a little off guard but I was happy his protective nature isn’t keeping me away from this my first big adventure. Father also mentioned some business and going away for a while to take care of a few things. He looked grim, I want to ask more, but knew better. He has left me in charge of the house and traps. I hope I can manage everything well.

I have killed. My hands shake as I write this. Not a wild animal, or game, but a Hobgoblin. Am I any better than them? I take a little solitude in the fact it was kill or be killed. The large wound in my side still burns from where the Hobgoblins short sword buried itself into my flesh. I will carry that blade as a reminder of my first battle. Three hobgoblins fell before my bow, and I would have fallen where it not for Tarik’s skill with the crossbow. I froze as the brute pinned me against a building and ran me through. I MUST NOT freeze in the future.

The town was set ablaze by the raiding party, though several buildings could be saved the damage is bad. People around me seem startled, afraid, and paranoid. Even more so since the magic stones around town have delivered a final display of power. Columns of Fire have risen into the skies. And in the chaos, five citizens have been taken. The sheriff has directed us to track the hobgoblin abductors and find out what we can of the reasons behind the attack. Never have I needed my skills to save lives. I hope I am up to the task.

Taurus is GONE. And it is MY FAULT. I MUST be more cautious in the future. His sacrifice allowed us to rescue the missing towns people, and gain knowledge of the attackers, but that comforts me not. I keep running the scene over and over. We cautiously tracked the hobgoblins to a small camp they had made. Six, I KNOW I counted only six. I set traps to the south, while Tarik and Taurus waited to the north. Lure the hobgoblins out, keep them busy so Tarik and Taurus could rescue the towns people. I pulled four into the woods, a well placed arrow reducing it to three, as they pursed me. My first trap entangled a second. While the second set of traps delayed the third long enough for another of my arrows to find its mark. A display that caused the remaining Hobgoblin to flee through the woods. I sent an arrow after him, to encourage his actions. Four, I had dealt with FOUR. Only TWO should have remained at the camp.

But it was not so. Arriving back at the camp I saw the leader standing over the fallen form of Taurus, while three hobgoblins bore down on Tarik as he attempted to free the townsfolk. HOW. HOW could I have miscounted. The scene before me forced my hand. I felt nature around me, I concentrated, and everything fell into place. Three arrows flew from my bow, two put down hobgoblins, while the third intimidated the remaining into flight. EIGHT. There had been EIGHT. I did not know you well Taurus, but you showed the spirit of a true hero, and the town WILL KNOW that.

Word has spread of our actions. Not sure if that is good. Of course the bed I collapsed into last night from exhaustion was free, as well as the hearty breakfast this morning. Picked up some green dye from the clothier this morning. Dorlee. She bragged on her daughter named Gwen. It appears that Dorlee only wanted me to have dinner with her family as payment for the dye. I will have to remember to mind my manners and wash up good before the meal.

Arrived at the Barony. Words fail me. I am sitting in a camp inside the walls with all manner of people sleeping around me. Yet sleep eludes me. The sight of Hobgoblins, the town on fire, and the screams of the townsfolk race through my mind. Not to mention the stone walls that I swear are slowly creeping closer. My wound still hurts, and I wonder if the cottage will be okay in my absence. Father is going to kill me when he returns.

TRAIL TEA!! Must learn to make. Traded Val Krick five arrows for a pouch full of the mixture. It clears your head and wakes you up.

The wizard in the Barony knows! I must be more vigilant in my concealment. He even threatened me as we left his tower. I MUST not come back here.

Why. Why have I let Tarik drag me along to another wizard. HE KNOWS TOO!! Father will kill me. At least Blakenship seems to understand the value of secrets. Tarik however tells everything he knows to everyone he meets. I will be glad when I am out from under the eyes of Wizards.

Kerrick Greenbolt

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